Peter Grant

Peter Grant is a creative, innovative and insightful strategic thinker who has come to appreciate the benefits of being a disciplined practitioner of continuous personal improvement in the areas of cognitive ability, emotional ability, physical condition, spirituality, relationships, and the integration of these different streams.

Peter is an MBA graduate and a Doctoral candidate with 20 years’ experience in the corporate world, 10 years of which has been predominantly focused on Project Management. This environment offered the ideal opportunity for him to gain valuable experience in fostering effective team dynamics. With 5 years’ experience in leadership development at University level to compliment his corporate experience, Peter’s theoretical knowledge is comprehensively grounded with work-place observation and experiential learning.

Peter’s Doctoral research in the field of Behavioural Economics, combined with his personal life journey and experience in the corporate environment and leadership development, have brought him to a deep understanding of the variety of influences on decision-making and behaviour, as well as the challenges people face when making sustainable changes in different spheres of life. His fascination with the insights provided by Neuroscience on the various factors impacting individual and organisational behaviour strongly influence Peter’s work in imparting the knowledge and skills required to manage physical, emotional and mental energy at an individual and organisational level.

As an advocate of the Positive Organisational Scholarship school of thought, Peter infuses the importance of taking advantage of the Heliotropic Effect through positive energy networks and virtuous practices in all his transformative interactions. He considers himself truly privileged to serve in his function as a coach and facilitator, which is aligned with his life’s purpose to assist others on their journey of overcoming perceived obstacles, unlocking their true potential, and living more purposeful and intrinsically energized lives.