Daphna Horowitz - Courage to Lead

Courage to Lead
Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro

Book: Courage to Lead“Climbing Kilimanjaro was a life-transforming journey for me.

In every step I took, I was drawn to the parallels between the climb and leadership. The summit is a metaphor for the vision every leader needs to hold, the mountain a metaphor for the largest obstacles standing in a leader’s way.” – Daphna Horowitz

What is leadership? Is it an abstract concept, difficult to define and grasp? Or is it a collection of simple, practical principles that can be applied with relative ease?

Courage to Lead is a practical guide to leadership. Within its pages you will not read about abstract leadership concepts, theories and frameworks. Within its pages, you will gain the ‘how to’ of leadership development, so that you can walk away with useful tips to develop and enhance your leadership. This book extends beyond the boardroom and is a relevant read for anyone who needs to take charge of their leadership and life.

Like the mountain that loomed constantly ahead of Daphna Horowitz, leadership is not the domain of a select few but for those who want to rise to the challenge.
> If you’re a leader or an aspiring leader who takes leadership development seriously and wants to learn more, this book is invaluable with its leadership lessons and
> If you work with leaders to develop leadership potential
> If you’re an ordinary person thinking of taking on an extraordinary challenge, like climbing Kilimanjaro,
this book contains tips and tools to transform any challenge into a purposeful adventure.

The practical lessons and challenges at the end of each chapter can be applied to leadership in every aspect of modern living.

The book is easy to read, the challenges are relevant and the layout of Courage to Lead invites the reader to take the lessons and apply them.

Courage to Lead is a book that will inspire, challenge and transform.