Adaptive Leadership


What you will Learn:

  • Help people deal with change in a positive manner.
  • Get buy-in and positive participation of your employees towards specific objectives and goals.
  • Keep your staff motivated and engaged amidst uncertainty
  • Build their confidence, loyalty and sense of responsibility.
  • Quickly resolve conflict between people and teams.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress and increase teamwork and creative problem solving.
  • Make confident decisions and stick to them amidst change and uncertainty.
  • Balance the efficient management of the business and leading your people with passion and vision.


Module 1: The current picture of management and leadership

  • Participants gain insight into leadership

Module  2: Leading for teamwork and innovation

  • Participants will develop and strengthen creative leadership skills

Module 3: My personal leadership journey

  • Participants will consider questions around personal leadership

Module 4: Rehearsing for the future

  • Through a practical and playful forum managers will apply their discoveries, practice new skills and invent practical solutions

Module 5: Designing a team success story

  • An open structure to facilitate an implementation plan, formulate a shared mission statement and alignment of team values.

Module 6: Leading transformation

  • The five stages of lasting transformation
  • The role of the leader in each of the stages
  • The power of the right brain and the body in transformational processes
  • The importance of conversation and story
  • The role of values and core belief systems

Delivery Method:

  • Creative participation workshop

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