"ACT!vate" Retreat


There are a select group of people in life who achieve the extraordinary, who rise to the challenge of living and astound others with what they accomplish. They are not born with greater assets than anyone else. What sets them apart is their choice to dream, to commit, to plan, to act and to simply hang tough.

In medieval days knights slew dragons, kings stormed the bastions of hilltop citadels and women were relegated to lives of slavish drudgery or maidenly dependence. Much has changed since those days and today we slay our own dragons and storm the bastions of corporate castles. The Prepare Retreat will draw metaphors from this age to apply a feminine chivalry to our plans for an effective 2012.

“ACT!vate” is a one-day, no-nonsense, high-impact programme that tackles key issues and obstacles to personal or business achievement. It will start the year well and help to set you up to finish higher.  

Clarify your goals!  Define your plans! Make things happen!



Breakfast, lunch,  teas and sponsors’ gifts

Personal Prepare Strategic Workbook and 2012 Planner

Facilitated Personal Strategic Planning Process


Change Resolutions into Revolutions


Venue: The Olive Tree

Duration: 1 Days

Time: 08h00 - 17h00

Price: R3300


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