The Engaged Leader


What you will Learn:
Research clearly indicates the relationship between the level of Engagement of leaders and the teams which they manage. This workshop explains the Dynamic Engagement framework as a foundation for understanding personal Engagement. It provides an opportunity for organisational leaders to assess and understand their own levels of Engagement, to identify the factors impacting on their personal Engagement levels and to explore ways in which their Engagement levels might be raised. The workshop facilitates an understanding of the relationship between Engagement, Leadership and innate Talent and a rare opportunity is created for leaders to experience powerful introspection and deeply personal and affirming honesty around these topics. Throughout the process the facilitator models and highlights principles of Engaging Leadership.

Who will benefit from attending?

  • Leaders from every area and level of the organisation.

Participants will...

  • Understand the concepts of Engagement and Dynamic Engagement.
  • Gain insight into their own Engagement profiles, Talents and Leadership Strengths.
  • Examine the relationships between their own Engagement profiles, Talents and Leadership Strengths.
  • Explore their personal levels of Engagement and the factors impacting on these.
  • Identify ways in which they can increase their levels of Engagement.
  • Observe and experience Engaging Leadership.

Duration and Process:

  • Participants complete the Strengthsfinder Test online a minimum of 7 days before the intervention.
  • Participants complete an Engagement assessment a minimum of 7 days before the intervention.
  • 1 day group workshop to explore personal Engagement.
  • Each participant has an individual executive/ leadership coaching session.

Delivery Method:

  • In-house Workshop
  • Public Workshop

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