Professional Facilitation Skills by WorldsView Academy

Classroom Training:


The ability to effectively facilitate groups of people is becoming an increasingly important and much sought after skill in organisations today. The facilitation of meetings, workshops, planning sessions and other group processes increases productivity, drives better planning and ultimately better business decisions.

This 3-day comprehensive programme will provide you with the necessary skills and techniques to enable you to plan, prepare for, and facilitate a variety of organisational and group processes successfully.

What will be covered?

  • Learn to design a facilitation process, selecting and combining appropriate facilitation techniques
  • Engage with facilitation competencies for self-assessment and development
  • Practice and develop your facilitation skills through personalised feedback from peers and a Master Facilitator
  • Develop fundamental facilitation skills, including powerful questioning, moving groups to insight, managing energy and engaging the whole person
  • Experience and practice various facilitation techniques:
    • Techniques to ensure all voices are heard (eg. Lekgotla, small group methods, world cafe)
    • Techniques to engage the whole brain (eg. art, graphic, role-play, analytical)
    • Techniques to build consensus (eg. Clustering, consensus decision-making)
    • Techniques to ignite action and ownership (eg. Behavioural translation, open space)

Who Should Attend
Team leaders, consultants, managers, HR practitioners, OD practitioners, change agents, organisational leaders, community leaders, trainers, facilitators and anyone who leads teams, groups or change processes.

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