Paul Leibowitz and Kevin Distiller

Paul LeibowitzPaul Leibowitz holds an M.Com degree in Organisational Psychology and is a registered Organisational Psychologist. Over the last 10 years Paul has acquired a broad range of consulting experience within the field of talent assessment and management, and he has spent the majority of his career focusing on helping organisations identify, select, manage and retain their human capital. Over the years Paul has worked in numerous sectors including banking, manufacturing, and mining. Paul also has a specific interest in managing change in organisations and is a registered Change Practitioner utilsing the international Prosci Change Methodology. Paul is also a trained PDA Analyst and CPA Practitioner.

His areas of specialty include: talent assessment and development, job profiling, coaching, performance and change management.

At heart Paul considers himself to be an entrepreneurial psychologist. He blends his passion for psychology with his love for business and these characteristics helped him to grow Latitude 26, his previous company, to the point where the company was acquired by BIOSS. Paul encourages young Organisational Psychologists to let their entrepreneurial spirit free.

Before Bioss Southern Africa Paul began his career as an Organisational Psychologist at Kitso-Khumo where he worked primarily as an Assessment Specialist. In 2008 he joined Latitude 26 as a partner and co-director in the business. In this role he was responsible for business management and development as well as consulting in the field of talent management. In 2014 Latitude 26 was acquired by BIOSS (Southern Africa) and Paul was appointed as a Director.


Kevin Distiller

Kevin Distiller holds a Masters of Arts degree in Industrial psychology as well as an MBA degree. He is a registered industrial Psychologist. For the last 12 years, he has consulted to organizations in a wide range of industries, predominantly in the field of Assessment, Organisational Development, Talent Management and Coaching.

His areas of specialty include: Assessment Centre Design and Implementation and the application of psychometric assessment processes and data throughout the entire HR value chain.

Kevin is passionate about aiding individuals and organisations in reaching their career and organisational goals, and believes that in the global knowledge economy, the only true differentiator is human capital. He thus believes that an overarching strategy linking the business and human systems of the organisation together is crucial to organisational success. He has had extensive experience in the use of Elliot Jacques’ Matrix of Working Relations theory, and has worked with various NGOs and government organisations, as well as with multinationals and blue chip companies. Kevin has served as a member of the National executive of SIOPSA (Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa). Kevin is also a trained PDA analyst.

Before Bioss, he founded and grew a successful boutique organizational psychology consultancy called Latitude 26 Project Consulting. During this time, Kevin gained experience working in various sectors, including FMCG, heavy industry, unsecured lending, banking, pharmaceutical and government, amongst others

Kevin has worked in several different geographical locations, including Swaziland, Botswana and Switzerland.