Lynn Andriés / Tracy Nikloes

SYMBIOTA’s Leadership Team - Partnering for Competitive Advantage through NeuroLeadership

Tracy Nickloes contributes extensive corporate leadership experience in Change management and Organisational turnaround. He is renowned for his dynamic and insightful approach to engendering “buy-in” by all, uniting organisations while facilitating the growth of individuals and teams.

His accomplished people development background is strengthened through his engagement and Instruction in The Martial Arts, where experiencing significant and tangible results has raised acute awareness and know how in developing positive behaviour, moral perspective and Self-Leadership.

The uniqueness, strength and dynamic of the “Team” is enhanced through Lynn Andriés, who brings on board a wealth of knowledge in NeuroScience through Post-Graduate studies in NeuroLeadership. She is an internationally qualified Coach, Facilitator and Training Programme Designer.

Lynn has partnered with Blue-Chip Organisations in the field of Talent Development, focusing on Organisational Culture Change, Leadership, Consulting Skills and Client Centricity.

This “Team” has walked the walk, developing empathy through experience, transcending potential adversity. We are passionate about our vision, understanding the project is more than us.