The Kaleidoscope Creative Business Interface provides a place for creative thinkers and artists of all disciplines to gain insight into the needs and methods of business, to rub shoulders with those in the sphere of business who are receptive to the potential of the arts to positively influence business and to form collaborations to bring their products to market.

Everything we do (bar our most primitive reflexes) is influenced by how we think. So, if we want to change performance, we must change thinking. For too long society and the business world in particular has emphasised the importance of information as the primary instrument of thinking change and “Training” or “Skills Development” have tended to be the cure-all for performance issues in the workplace. Sustainable and effective performance improvement, however, requires learning on the level of belief, emotion and attitude which tend to be minimally impacted by additional information. Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory illustrates that learning happens through a cyclical pattern of experience, reflection, conceptualisation and testing. The best “educators” understand that the most effective educational methods are those which impact on most aspects of our personhood. The more of the following modalities that can be appropriately engaged in the learning experience the better:

  • physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of personhood
  • hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste.

The Arts must continue to shift from its poor relative status to take up its role in driving innovative thinking and promoting effective communication. Artists have something to teach business.

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