Engage: Facilitation


Critical to the creation of a dynamic, engaged organisational culture is the capability of the organisation to hold effective conversations. Meetings represent one of the most frequently misused or untapped resources for improving organisational efficacy. Paramount to optimising these conversations is effective facilitative leadership. The more critical the meeting, the more important it is that it be well facilitated.

Lead Facilitator of Dynamic Engagement, Janet du Preez designed and facilitated the first Professional Facilitation course and others for the Worldsview Academy for Organisational Change.

Facilitation Processes offered include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organisational Development Strategy Formulation
  • Values Clarification
  • Culture Formation
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Customer Service Transformation
  • Team Engagement
  • Understanding Corporate DNA
  • Creative Innovation
  • Process/ System Formulation
  • Defining Organisational Development Cycles
  • Disaster Debrief
  • Crisis Planning
  • Planning
  • Community Building
  • B:L:T!
  • Customised process to meet your specific needs

Contact us for details of these processes or to discuss the specific needs of your team.