Culture and Organisation Development by WorldsView Academy

Classroom Training:

Organisational culture is a key stream of interest for OD practitioners, with ‘culture’ becoming a common perspective or lens on organisational life that offers a source of data and a lever for change.

Culture shapes all elements of our organisational lives, with a powerful influence on both health and effectiveness, and many OD practitioners give this mechanism a great deal of attention. Simultaneously, however, culture is shaped by the organisational choices and interventions we implement, and we often underestimate these impacts (for example, how a technology choice impacts on culture)

What will be covered?

  • Explore the relationship of culture and organisational effectiveness - “culture eats strategy” vs “strategy eats culture”
  • Learn the complexities and key methodologies for discovering, analysing, shaping and changing organizational culture
  • Access a range of tools and models to understand and unpack culture and subcultures within your or your clients organisations
  • Understand how OD choices and activities shape culture, and become intentional about these impacts
  • Explore some of the cutting-edge research and work in the field of organisational culture

Who Should Attend
Full suite – line managers, independants, internals... entry to intermediate level.

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