Creative Storyboarding

by The African eLearning Academy

What you will Learn:
Many Training, Learning and HRD Practitioners, as well as educators and lecturers, are incorporating eLearning development as a core skill in their armoury. Many of these professionals are already trained and experienced instructional designers, but they have a need for extending their skill base to instructional design specifically for eLearning and blended learning interventions.

Our learner-centered system is based on a four pillared approach. These pillars are:

  • learning theory,
  • technology,
  • creativity
  • and instructional strategy.

By maximising your skill set in each of these pillars, you ensure that those that utilise your training really reach the required outcomes with knowledge, skill, value and attitude intact.

Essentially, an effective storyboarding approach is one that starts with good learning theory, then creatively leverages technology to devise modern, useful instructional strategies.

Who will benefit from attending?
The learning experience is targeted at training and education professionals who would like to extend their skills base in eLearning development, specifically referring to the instructional design phase of eLearning development.

Participants in the program will:

  • Have an understanding the context and purpose of storyboarding
  • Be aware of eLearning Development optimal practice
  • Understand Gamefication – what we can learn and what we can use
  • Understand the use of technology in putting together training material that actually works
  • Be able to design effective Assessments for eLearning
    • Know Kolb’s Cycle and creating meaning in Knowledge, Skills, Values and Attitudes
  • Be able to do a target audience  and needs analysis
  • Be able to write a storyboard for a variety of eLearning situations


  • The programme is offered in classroom format over a period of 2 days
  • In-house sessions are also available at a group rate


Delivery Method:
This learning experience is a hands on introduction to the world of storyboarding for eLearning

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