Conversations that Matter

by CanBeeDone

What you will Learn:

Conversations that Matter (CTM) are a unique and powerful way to ensure the active engagement of all participants in a dialogue.

Based on the World Café method the non threatening, fun environment releases creativity, uncovers new solutions, and shifts attitudes and behaviours.

Groups of peers, through to diverse groups from CEO to floor cleaner, can successfully interact through a CTM.

They are ideal for:

  • determining constructive possibilities for action
  • tapping into creativity – generating new ideas or possibilities
  • bringing about a change in thinking, attitude and behaviour
  • building trusting relationships in diverse teams
  • eliciting input ahead of a strategy session
  • helping groups to internalise new ideas eg company values
  • dealing with change

“It is flesh and blood people in conversation, learning from each other, sharing, who create the innovations and solutions that make or break the organization.” – Alan M Webber, former Editor Harvard Business Review.

Who will benefit from attending?

  • CEOs
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Teams
  • Frontline staff
  • Back office staff
  • Strategists
  • Innovators
  • Any group of people


Participants will...

  • actively engage
  • develop constructive possibilities for action
  • discover new ideas and possibilities
  • increase their awareness
  • change their thinking, attitude and behaviour
  • engage more fully in the workplace
  • improve their individual effectiveness
  • work more constructively with their colleagues


  • Conversations can be run successfully for groups from twelve, up to hundreds of participants, in a wide variety of settings and cultures.
  • They can be designed for sessions as short as 90 minutes as well as conversations lasting several days.
  • A CTM can stand alone or serve as part of a larger meeting/event.

Delivery Method:

  • In-house facilitation. A CTM can stand alone or be part of a larger meeting/event.

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