Confident Speakers ABC


What you will Learn:

  • Capturing your audience’s attention with authentic confidence and simple strategies
  • Mastering of simple techniques, to look and sound confident even when you are nervous, speaking in a second language or speaking in front of your peers.
  • Learning easy strategies to help you to stay confident.
  • Find a new connection with your own magic that will invigorate and motivate you. This will in turn have a positive effect on your client relationships and your success.


  • A quick 6 point check list from A to F to look, feel and sound confident in any situation
  • Vocal techniques for controlling your body and your voice
  • An approach and attitude that is inviting and instills trust
  • A boost in self confidence and self esteem that will impact your income
  • Four simple strategies from G to J to keep your audience engaged

Delivery Method:

  • In-house workshop (creative participation workshop)

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