BEL!EVE    -   L!STEN    -    TH!NK

What you will Learn:
Three staple ingredients for developing effective employees, leaders, teams and organisations and for creating engaging workplaces

This workshop is designed to shift paradigms and to stimulate thinking and changed behaviour around three essential ingredients that underpin effective action. The process will combine the delivery of thought-provoking information with interactive activities which will enable the concepts to be explored, developed and embedded.

  • Bel!eve addresses paradigms, passion, purpose, values.
  • L!sten addresses the importance and process of various listening skills and provides excellent opportunity for delegates to practice the application of the principles taught.
  • Th!nk explores more effective thinking for leadership and business. Participants will learn about different thinking styles and how to use them more effectively.

Who will benefit from attending?

  • HR and OD practitioners
  • Line Managers
  • Business owners
  • Executives

Participants will...

  • Gain fresh insight into each of the three core concepts of belief, listening and thinking.
  • Understand the connection between these 3 concepts and action.
  • Explore the concepts of obliquity and inevitable outcomes.
  • Learn skills for improved belief, listening and thinking.
  • Learn to lead for improved belief, listening and thinking.
  • Learn how to create an environment which enables belief. listening and thinking which leads to effective outcomes.
  • Explore the connection between B!L!T! and Engagement and identify ways of maximising Engagement through these principles.

Duration and Process:

  • 2 day group workshop to explore and apply the principles B!L!T!

Delivery Method:

  • Public Workshop
  • In-house Workshop

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